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You are Ugly!

You are Ugly!

As a child born in the ’80s and experiencing elementary school in the ’90s, I’ve heard more than my fair share of the word ugly directed at me from classmates, but I remember even back then thinking to myself, “why do they think I am ugly?” I went to a parochial school consisting of 99.99% of African American children where we all wore a uniform, so although we all dressed a like and we were all relatively neat for the most part, why was I singled out as ugly? It was bad enough that I had to deal with the criticism of having a “weird” name that even the teachers would butcher at times and that I was from a country in Africa so they thought that I swung on trees like Tarzan or had a pet gorilla like Caesar from Planet of the Apes, but to be called ugly on top of that…I always wondered why? Granted, growing up back then in my school there was a inner-racial divide between light skin and dark skin girls. The light skin girls were considered pretty (and if they had silky hair that was an extra feather in their cap), the brown skin girls were considered average, but the dark skin girls were considered ugly for the most part. I specify girls because we were the ones that had to measure up to the melanin barometer. The boys, even at a young age were held to a different standard. The boys just had to be moderately attractive but have a great personality or a little charisma (class clowns or bad boys) and they would...

Be Encouraged…

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so… Explore, Dream, Discover.” –Mark Twain

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Insta-Glammer of the Week… @Ellarie


Hey divas, I was just introduced to Ellarie’s Insta-gram page recently and I must say…I am hooked! Besides the  fact that she is absolutely gorgeous, she is also absolutely talented! Ellarie has an eye for color and is not afraid to use it! Her Instagram page will definitely inspire you to step out of the hum drum world of neutrals and explore the dynamic world of color yourself. If you would like to see how she accomplished some of her looks, she also has a YouTube channel. Definitely check her out, subscribe, and let her know that SBD4L sent you. You will not be disappointed :-)


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