I started VivaDivaGlam.com with the intention of making it your go to online destination for highlighting emerging and established celebrity fashion icons and personal style, but the reality is that that vision requires a lot more man power (or shall I say Diva power) than I thought. As a blog site where I am the sole blogger, there are lots of pros & cons. A pro is that I have the absolute creative license to blog unabashedly about my interests and passions as frequently or infrequently as I want; the con is that although I do want to focus on a certain niche (fashion & style); I will have to wait for my blog to grow a bit more in order to bring on quality help so that I can bring you quality fashion & style specified content a lot more frequently (hopefully daily).

Don’t get me wrong, I have a passion for fashion (huh…that phrase is so overused now, but it is true!), which is why my blog will still focus on my personal style, but it will also focus on me and my life as a whole. I used to agonize about the frequency or infrequency of my blog posts because I always want to give you guys something new and fresh and then came to the realization that while trying to keep up with the Joneses, I was just regurgitating information. I realized that there were certain things or events in my life that I wanted to blog about but couldn’t because they didn’t fit into the niche that I was trying to focus on…Forget that!!! I woke up one day and realized, THIS IS MY BLOG!!! This is my corner of cyber space and I should be able to express my thoughts, likes, dislikes, and experiences freely! What’s newer, fresher, and more original than that?!  Again don’t get me wrong, a lot of my focus is still going to be on fashion, beauty, and personal style because that is what I love, but I just granted my self the permission to LIVE OUT LOUD and branch out by sharing more of me with all of you. This is a big step for me especially since I am a bit of an introvert.

So stick around with me and get to know me a lot more by clicking into VivaDivaGlam.com as often as you can (hopefully daily).  Also check out my YouTube channel as well and see me in action lol! www.YouTube.com/SongbirdDiva4Life it’s where I share my fashion & beauty tips and tricks…oh yeah, please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

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