Hey Divas 🙂

Tuesday night hubby and I decided to have a romantic date night at a restaurant that we always said we wanted to go to. It was no specific special occasion, but sometimes being married and getting caught up in the hustle & bustle of life; we sometimes forget that every moment together is a special occasion.

Hubby and I are huge fans of the Food Network TV show, “Iron Chef”, our favorite Iron Chefs are Iron Chef Morimoto and Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Every time either one of them compete, hubby and I often fantasize about being one of the Iron Chef judges just so we can taste an array of their creations lol; well we decided that it was time to make the fantasy reality and booked reservations at Morimotos right here in NYC.

Before getting ready for the night I decided to do a little research about the ambiance and layout of Morimotos. I am the kind of girl that doesn’t mind being a little over dressed for an occasion or a location (it’s the diva in me lol), but I hate being completely overdressed; and since neither of us have ever been there (and since we have been to so many restaurant with the dress code from super casual to extremely elegant) I had to look it up in order to be dressed my divalicious best as well as appropriately.

Morimotos is definitely not a casual restaurant; the dress code calls for a more business casual to cocktail attire. Because I didn’t want to over think my outfit, I decided to keep it simple yet sexy with a LBD that had side cutouts and an exposed back (hubby loved it). I am an LBD advocate because they are always super chic and easy to accessorize.

Dress- Asos; Pumps- Christian Louboutin; Clutch- Yves Saint Laurent

(Decided to go for diva-licious hair at the last minute. I felt a bit out of my element, but I will try the short hair again this weak (a review is coming up on it)

Hubby and I had a great night and continue to realize that we really do enjoy each others company; the restaurant on the other hand was a bit of a disappointment. Ambiance was great, but the food was kind of a huge flop which was very disappointing. If I leave a Japanese restaurant that is supposed to be known for their seafood and I am craving for Red Lobster and if the only thing that hubby can rave about is it’s bathroom…Houston we have a problem!

Full Restaurant Review coming soon 🙂

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