Hey divas, I hope that you’ve found some joy in your weekend so far :-).

I know that I was supposed to post a Style-ized video for outfit #2 of the Style-ized 12 Days of Christmas series, but I was running so late for date night with hubby that I only had time to take a few pictures and not any video for Day #2 :-(. Day #2 of 12 is “Holiday Date Night”. I decided to keep the color palette pretty simple with this outfit (basic black and white) with a pop of color for the belt; you can never go wrong with a pop of red for the holidays (it reminds everyone of Santa lol!).

While I was trying to decide what to wear, I came across this bodysuit and immediately built my outfit around it. When I ordered the black & white print bodysuit, I knew that I was going to wear it this holiday season. I loved the bold black & white print with the silver & black polka dot embroidery around the edges. Once I saw the polka dot embroidery, it reminded me of my omnicron polka dot heels; I thew in a classy but sassy knee length peplum skirt to balance the strapless top and there was my outfit!

Some people might look at it and wonder whether it makes sense to wear a strapless top in the Fall/ Winter season, especially in NYC, but I say why not?! That’s why we have scarves, coats, and cars lol!…but seriously, as long as you have the proper layers to throw over your outfit, we shouldn’t let the Spring & Summer have all of the the diva-licious fun!

Bodysuit – Motel

Peplum Skirt- River Island
Shoes- Christian Louboutin; Clutch- YSL

The next Style-ized video will be for Day #3, which will hopefully be posted tomorrow :-).

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