Fashion Friday: Hello Lover (A Glittery Treat)- Christian Louboutin Purple Glitter Bambou :-)

In my world, unicorns fart glitter lol…

I was on a hunt for these shoes ever since I received an email from the Christian Louboutin Madison Avenue store almost 2 months ago with a picture of them. Although I don’t have a favorite color, there is just something about a gorgeous shade of purple that gets me all excited, so about 2 weeks ago I decided to track them down.  I was in Saks actually helping a friend look for a shoe when the gorgeous sparkle of these caught my attention. They actually looked better than the picture standing there on the shelf, needless to say, I was super excited!

As some of you may already know, this year I have been dedicated to rebuilding my wardrobe with quality classic items. I realized that although I did have a lot of shoes, I only had a few that I actually wore. Because of that, I decided to donate all of the shoes that I didn’t wear and start rebuilding with items that I actually loved.

Although the Christian Louboutin Purple Glitter Bambous may not be considered a classic, when I saw their picture in that email, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Hello Lover”…thanks a lot Miss Bradshaw! lol. I know that they are definitely not for everyone, but they are most definitely right up my alley. These shoes are show-stoppers. Pictures can not do it justice. They are covered with purple mini glitter with an underlying layer of fuchsia glitter. Absolutely gorgeous (but I may just be a bit biased lol).
My hubby says that the remind him of Dorothy’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz, but just purple (…men! lol).

Worn with jeans and a tshirt or a cocktail dress, they will definitely be the topic of someone’s conversation.

Hello Lover…

This is the picture from the email

Heel 140mm = 5.5 inches with a 1 inch platform so it feels like 4.5 inches

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  1. *Gasp* One word……GORGEOUS!! Visions of some major pavement pumping in those bad boys! WERK DIVA

  2. How fly are these on you! I love them, you have great taste.



  3. ooh girl i just drooled all over my keyboard! those are BAD as in GOOD! LOL.

  4. these are HEAVEN!!! omg, perfection

  5. ahhhmazingly breathtaking..

  6. FABULOUS!!!!! Work it girl!

  7. Yummeeeyyyy!! Purple just happens to be my favorite color and they look just wonderful on your feet!

  8. I just died a little bit inside out of excitement! :) Gorgeous shoes. <3


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