Hey divas, who saw the BET Awards last night?

The show itself wasn’t bad as a whole just annoying at certain times. My #1 gripe was that I don’t understand why  rappers insist on performing the explicit version of their songs if viewers at home can’t enjoy it because of all of the censored silence. It’s really annoying as a viewer! I don’t understand why they just don’t perform the radio versions of their songs so that the home viewer can actually enjoy the performance.

Samuel L Jackson as a host was a BIG miss for me. I understand that BET is trying to make their show bigger & better by going for an A-list celebrity to host, but he just didn’t really do it for me. He had a few funny moments, but I think that the formula of using a celebrity comedian to host is best for BET. Comedians just have a way of having the show move along without trying to hard. I wish that they would have used Kevin Hart again, but who knows…maybe next year.

The only performances that stuck out to me was during the Whitney Tribute. I really don’t remember any others. Monica did a good job singing I Love the the Lord, but there is just something anointed about Whitney’s version. I know that no one can ever sing a song the way Whitney did so we shouldn’t compare, but since I Love the Lord is one of my absolute favorite  Whitney songs, I just had to mention it.  Brandy, Brandy, Brandy…she slayed last night!!! (more on that later). When Whitney’s mother, Cici began to sing, it was over for me! I cried like a baby…God Bless that woman! I pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen & comfort her, her grand-daughter- Bobbi-Christina, and the rest of her family.


Now unto the fashion (DivaGlam Re-Cap)…


Fashion Hits…

I loved LaLa’s jumpsuit. It fit her body perfectly and she reminded me of Aladin’s Princess Jasmine

Tamia looked fabulous in her Oscar De la Renta gown, McQueen clutch, and vintage accessories

If Angela Bassett can bottle whatever she is using to keep herself so fine and fabulous at 50, she would be filthy rich. She looked gorgeous from head to toe!

Whether you love her or love to hate her, this girl can wear a dress. I loved that she kept it pretty sleek and simple and let her body accentuate the dress. I’m not really feeling her monochramatic phase that she is in right now, but it definitely worked last night.

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki…I was surprised that she would make my best dressed list, but for Nicki this look was a slam dunk! It wasn’t over the top or gimmicki. You were able to still see her personality (or personalities) in this ensemble. Sometimes with all of her over-the-top costumes, you sometimes forget just how pretty she really is.


Misses :-( ….

I never thought that Beyonce would make it on a worst dress list, but she definitely made mine. I totally don’t understand why have a train that is so long that you have to spend the whole day holding it up or a slit so high that you have to use your long hand-held train to cover? I’ve seen her do so much better, but I guess every diva is entitled to an off day.

I actually liked Tatiana Ali’s skirt, but that was about it. I understand that she was going for a fun and edgy look, but this was a total miss. I think that she could have accomplished the look that she was going for with different hair & makeup and edgy black shoes. What would posses her to pair this outfit with white or cream shoes is beyond me.

Oh Taraji… She usually looks very pulled together but this dress was not doing her any favors last night. It looked a bit too small and the shoulder detail was not accentuating her best features. I understand that she was going for a younger look but this definitely wasn’t it.

I am all for mixing patterns, it is very on trend right now, but this is when following a trend to the tee can go horribly wrong and make you look like a fashion victim! There was just too much going on with the prints and it did absolutely nothing for her shape

I love Kyla Pratt (since Family Matters & The Proud Family), but this ensemble was nothing to be proud of. I totally understand wanting to look pore sophisticated and mature, but this is not how to do it. She is too young to want to dress so old.

I know this new girl Elle Varner is making waves, but it is definitely not for her fashion sense. This is when wearing an over all print can go terribly wrong. Maybe if she would have pulled all of her hair back so we can focus more on her face and not just the dress; as well as paired it with a black clutch because this ensemble really didn’t need any more color.

Honorable Mention…

I’m only mentioning Brandy not because of her outfit choices, but because my girl KILLED at the awards show last night during the Whitney Houston Tribute! I am a Huge Brandy fan and have watched almost every performance that she has done and I can say for certain that last night was definitely one of her best performances EVER!!! What ever you were drinking or eating or doing, keep doing it because this new Brandy (BrandNu) is doing it!!!

Who were your best & worst of last night’s award show?

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