One of my lovely subscribers (Andrea) sent me a link on FaceBook to this website and said that she instantly thought of me when she checked it out, so I decided to check it out as well….and fell in love with these pictures.  OMG!!! I literally stared at the pictures for about an hour, just amazed at the attention that was paid to detail. The images are from a website called  PhotographybyObi; well Obi you are a true artists. Your pictures did exactly what art is supposed to do…evoke emotions. I don’t know if I was so in aww of the pictures because I am Nigerian and had a somewhat Nigerian wedding or if it was the amazing attention to detail that had me so mesmerized. Regardless of what it is, I must say that I am truly impressed.

If you have never been to a traditional Nigerian wedding also known as engagement (this is not the same as the church wedding; the traditional wedding is usually held the day before or a few days before the church wedding), check out these pictures! This is exactly how it is done. I’ve been to quite a few traditional Nigerian weddings and can honestly say that nothing in these pics are exaggerated or understated.  Well done Obi! 🙂


Please check out his website to see more of his detailed work, it is truly amazing.

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