Black Barbie & Ken's Traditional Nigerian Wedding

One of my lovely subscribers (Andrea) sent me a link on FaceBook to this website and said that she instantly thought of me when she checked it out, so I decided to check it out as well….and fell in love with these pictures.  OMG!!! I literally stared at the pictures for about an hour, just amazed at the attention that was paid to detail. The images are from a website called  PhotographybyObi; well Obi you are a true artists. Your pictures did exactly what art is supposed to do…evoke emotions. I don’t know if I was so in aww of the pictures because I am Nigerian and had a somewhat Nigerian wedding or if it was the amazing attention to detail that had me so mesmerized. Regardless of what it is, I must say that I am truly impressed.

If you have never been to a traditional Nigerian wedding also known as engagement (this is not the same as the church wedding; the traditional wedding is usually held the day before or a few days before the church wedding), check out these pictures! This is exactly how it is done. I’ve been to quite a few traditional Nigerian weddings and can honestly say that nothing in these pics are exaggerated or understated.  Well done Obi!



Please check out his website to see more of his detailed work, it is truly amazing.

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  1. I’ve been to several Nigerian weddings myself (I’m Nigerian) and when i saw this i was amazed. It’s really accurate and precise. I wish these were around when I was younger, would’ve definitely loved that. That’s the first doll I’m getting my daughter!

  2. How cute and creative.

  3. WOW!!!!!! Love it :) Naija for life:)

  4. these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

    • Cute


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